Professional Clipping Path Service

13 Dec 05:56pm 2021

When to use Clipping Path

Clipping path is mainly used to cut out a 2D image. There are also some other uses of clipping path. Let’s see some important use of clipping path.

Creating High-Quality Images

Using clipping path services you can get high-quality images. Images are one of the most important things to attract people. So you have to post high-quality images.

People search for high-quality images for different websites. But most of the time they fall to get a relatable image. Clipping path is here to solve this problem. Best photo editing will provide you will give you the solution with it’s best clipping path services.


Removing Backgrounds

Another way to make a picture more attractive is by changing the background. In this case, clipping path can help you the most. Using the pen tool you have to draw the blue lines along with the main subject. Once it is done anything outside the path will be omitted.

But it is not so easy to create line. If you really want a perfect image you have to do it faithfully. Most of the people make some mistakes in cutting. Our professional editors will provide you with satisfactory service to promote your business.

In Color Correction and Detaching Solid Objects from the Image

Using clipping path you can edit one sample image in different colors. Clipping path mainly detaches any color from the image easily and then you can fill the place with another color.

Another thing is clipping path services will help you to remove any unwanted solid from the image. Best photo editing has professional editors who will provide you with the best services.

Where does it come from?

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a photo editor tool which is used to cut out a 2D image or separate an image from the background. It is also used to remove any solid object from the image.

Step 1: Use the pen tool
In Photoshop you will see an icon like a pen. This is the called pen tool. The pen tool is used for clipping any part of an image. Click on the pen tool first.

Step 2: Create path around the wanted object

Use the pen tool to create a path around the object. You can also see the path panel in a box where you can monitor the shape of cut object. Make sure the creating dots are maintaining the shape of the object.

Step 3: Adjust the points with the direct select tool
Click on the direct select tool and start to adjust the points. Keep an eye on the path panel and try to understand if the shape is proper or not. Do it carefully.

Step 4: Save the path
Now go to the path panel. Click the menu flyout and click on the save path. Give a name and save it.

Now you again go to the menu flyout and click one the option clipping path. You will see an option containing 2 boxes path and flatness.

The box path highlights the name of your clipping path and keeps the flatness box empty. Now select ok.

Now go to the File Menu and click save as. Save the file on the location you want. You will see in which format you want to save it. Keep it default and just click okay.

Clipping path is done.