Color change

The color change of an image is a process where the color of individual objects can be changed as the user want it to. If you capture a photo but you don’t like the color of the shirt you are wearing. Then the color changing is the perfect match.

What is color changing service?

A service that provides changing the color of a particular object in a photo is called the color changing of an image.


Color change image for free

In general, we shoot a photo without thinking about the color combination of the photo. You want to publish it but it doesn’t look great. We can help you out of it. Our expert editors will do it for you. All we need is your photo and the way you want it to be. Try our service which is free now.

Sample image for color change

We believe in quality. We ensure customer satisfaction. Our editors have a minimum of 10-12 years of working experience. You will not believe in our works before seeing it. Here are some samples of some of our previous works.

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How to color change in photoshop?

It is not always easy to change the color of an image. Our hardworking and experienced editors work hard to make these works happen. In the process of making this color change. The editors go through several steps. I am showing some process of our color-changing process.



Launch the Photoshop in your computer. Then they open the file to change color. First of all, they check for any kind of impurities in the picture. Any uneven shading and spots are removed and polished. Then they proceed to the next step.



They select a lasso tool and select the particular areas they are trying to change color. They always have to make sure they covered all the places they wanted to color. After making sure everything is selected they make a new layer with the selected part. To reducing future faults.


Step 3

Then they select the copied layer and adjust the colors to the customers’ taste. Sometimes they show the customers some new colors they might like. They enable the colorize option to see what changes are happening in real-time. Without this selection, they can’t see any of these happening.

Step 4

They always adjust some items in the main image to make the picture look good also. And then they transfer this to the quality control unit to ensure the maximum quality of the product.





Proving ourselves the best is not our goal to achieve. Our goal is to make a place in our customer’s heart. We have a great community for our customers. They are really satisfied with our work. Try our service we are offering free subscription and lots more.

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