Ghost Mannequin is also known as the invisible mannequin is a key to success for the online clothing business venture. The fashion designers also prefer ghost mannequin effect for making advertising. best photo editing is here with the best ghost mannequin services. We are providing reliable services at an affordable price.

Why Ghost Mannequin Service is Important for You?

Showcasing the product in an attractive way

Ghost mannequin services effect is very effective to showcase any product. A customer will never buy any product if it seems unattractive. Ghost mannequin service will make it attractive.


Attracting customers

Ghost mannequin effect can attract customers easily. Sometimes we boost our products and gives add. Most people enter your website only if the product image seems attractive. Ghost mannequin effect appears in an eye-catching way on any add. So get will


Showing the product in 3D shape

The most effective advantage of ghost mannequin is it will help you to show any product in 3D shape. So people can see your product at different angles.

What is Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin is one kind of photo editing, which is basically used on clothes and dresses photos. In an ordinary dress photo, there is a man who wears the dress. After the ghost mannequin, you can separate the dress from the man’s body part. Generally, it’s used to fashionable dress marketing.

How to Photoshop Ghost Mannequin

Our experts are well-trained and they use Photoshop to do ghost mannequin. Let’s see how our experts and professionals do ghost mannequin using Photoshop.


At first, they open Photoshop in their pc or laptop. Then they start the main steps


  1. They choose the photo which they want to do ghost mannequin and take it to the display and also take another photo of the same thing.


  1. In the second photo, they mainly capture the background spots that are not shown in the first photo.


  1. Then they start working on the first photo. They cut out the areas from the first photo where they want to do ghost mannequin.


  1. They usually zoom in the first photo to cut the spots easily and sharply. Then they take the cutting part in a new page and adjust the size and shape.


  1. After working on the first photo, they start working on the second one. At first, they cut the background parts of the photo which are not shown in the first photo’s cutting part and adjust the 2nd photo’s size just the first one.


  1. Then they join those 2 cutouts and give them their right position and give the edited photo some extra effects for a stunning and glossy look.

Ghost Mannequin Where to Buy?

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