Hiring an Editor to Create Clipping Paths in Photoshop

Many people plan on using prepress services to remove imperfections in the photograph to prepare them for publication. So much focus is put on adjusting the coloring, they overlook the fact that you can have your editor add your clipping path as well. If your editor uses Photoshop it will be easy to import this clipping path into any page photo editing application you use, so there is no risk of losing portions of the image later.


Finishing the Editing Process

Any errors in the photograph will be removed when you send your photographs to your editor, but this does not mean the editing process is finished. You may like to add effects to the image to blend it into the page design once it is imported. You may wish to further define the edges or blend the images into the coloring on the page. Having your editor define a clipping path for the image before you get started will save you the time of having to do this yourself. Many page editing programs offer the option of creating a clipping path on your own, but they are not always as defined as those you would acquire in Photoshop.


Removing Portions of the Image

You may later decide you wish to use a portion of the image on its own. If you wish to cut away a portion of the image it can take a long period of time to create a line that looks natural. If your editor has already defined a clipping path around the objects in the image, you can simply make the background transparent. The text and other portions of the image will respond to the clipping path edge so you can wrap text or add borders to the portion of the image you hope to use. Your editor can also create a cutout using a clipping path, offering you multiple versions of the image to use in various publications. This is an ideal way to create uniformity without your publication looking repetitive. Logos or trademarks can be defined with a clipping path so you can apply them to multiple publications without worrying that portions of the previous image will be transferred over.


Saving time on Complicated Images

If an image is very detailed it will take time to create the clipping path necessary to remove the background. Instead of spending several minutes focusing on your clipping path, you can outsource this work to a clipping path service. Outline the work you need to be done, then begin work on the rest of the page editing. Your images will be returned to you with plenty of time to finish the page and make any necessary last-minute adjustments. These services are often inexpensive, so there is no concern that they will cut into your budget.

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