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Image masking has become of the major factors to concern for the online-based companies. 38% of the consumers like to see any product in the white background. In that case, image masking service is the best solution. Best photo editing is here to provide with the best image masking services. We are providing our services at an affordable price.

What is Photoshop Image Masking Service

Image masking is a process of changing the background of a photo or hide a portion of any image using Photoshop. It is also used to change the image’s background color or the main object color. Generally, the E-commerce sites and online-based companies need to take services for image masking.

How to do image masking in Photoshop?

Image masking is not so easy as people think. There are some complexity images which are tough to do image masking. Our experts generally use Photoshop to masking any ordinary image and turn it into an existing, colorful and stunning image.

Let’s see how our experts and professionals do image masking in Photoshop.

At first, they open Photoshop in their pc or laptop. Then they start the main steps

  1. They choose the image which they want to do masking and show it in the display.


  1. Now they go to the layer panel, at bottom of the layer panel they have masking icon and hit that to add a layer mask.


  1. Then they click on the new layer mask and its white color turn into black. When the layer color turns black, it means all the masking effects are hidden and when its turn white that means all masking effects are visible.


  1. Then they zoom in the image and use the brush tool. For that at first, they adjust brush tool size and start panting or point out the spots where they don’t want any masking effect in the image.


  1. If the image is quite sensitive and sharp, then they click on the layer mask to check their brushing effect and sometimes they add to point or erase some point to give it a perfect masking effect.


  1. Now they go to the color section and change the background or unselected areas color easily as they want.

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