Image Retouching

Every image does not look perfect for the final presentation after immediately taking it. The images should be retouched. Small corrections are usually made like removing the spots, cropping, white balance, color correction, an imperfection in the subject’s body, etc. Image retouching is a very good way to make a photo perfect. clipping path world is also providing an image retouching service.

What is image retouching?

Image retouching is a process used while editing an image to making the final image by altering the image digitally to improve the appearance.


Retouching images for free?

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Sample images for retouching?

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How to retouching images in photoshop?

Image retouching is not an easy task. It requires much passion to get it done. Our professionals do this with ease. But that’s not the case for everyone else. Here we are going to show how they retouch a portrait photo.


Step 1

They launch Photoshop and open the file required to be retouched. They clean any dust or big disturbing things in the image by spot healing tool. They make multiple layers of the image for better results.


Step 2

Then they take the lasso tool to select the teeth. They remove the yellow teeth and copy them to another layer. This helps to reshape the teeth and remove the uneven parts in the teeth.


Step 3

By taking the Blur tool they clean up the skins. They have to be cautious about touching the ears and hairs. Because it can damage the perspective and of the face.

Step 4

The color should be adjusted for a greater image. Open the adjustment section and adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, etc. As soon as the image looks perfect to the editor’s eyes they move to the next step.


Step 5

Some key areas in a face are sharpened by using the sharpen tool. There is a right balance of sharpening done in this process. They must be aware of not sharpen the face too much as it can damage the face.


Step 6

Then they use the diffuse filter. It gives the face a more soft and glamorous look.


Step 7

They duplicate the photo and then fully desaturate. The blending option is set to overlay and experimenting with the images by the Gaussian blur filter. Adjust the parameters to their satisfaction.


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