Photo Editing Techniques that will Make a Difference

Photo editing has become a reflex action since the introduction of digital photography. Whether the exposure needs to be lowered or a whole group of people need to be edited out, you no longer need to wait for the right shot. You need the right tools for the job and photo editing software can be found all over the internet for cheap or even free. However, if you want to squeeze every edit out of your pictures, Photoshop is still the best.


With so many ways to manipulate pictures you can quickly be overwhelmed. It can be easy to stick with automatic tools that will retouch your pictures for you, but you won’t be able to get the full effect. The techniques below will make it easier for you step into the advanced world of photo editing:

Master layers: If you ever want to be able to add, subtract or alter a specific part of an image, you are going to have to start using layers. Adding a layer is very simple. Find “Layer” in your navigation bar, go to “New” and then “Layer.” This will bring up a window where you can name your layer and make other changes. It will then show up in your layer palette above your picture. The more layers you add, the more complex changes you can make.




Create texture: With an understanding of layers, you can now work with blending. To give your picture a vintage look, open it up in Photoshop along with a texture file. Choose a texture that looks like aged, yellowing paper. Drag the texture file on top of your picture and resize it to cover the entire photo. In the layer palette there are many blend modes that affect how the layers interact. Experiment with all of these to get the textured look you desire.

Make people disappear: It can be difficult to take a picture in a crowded place. With layers you can erase them, but first you need a steady camera and multiple shots of the same object. When you are uploading your pictures use Adobe Bridge to allow the RAWs to open directly in Photoshop. If you didn’t use a tripod, use the “Auto-Align Layers” option in the layers palette. Choose the sharpest image for your top layer and then press the “Add Layer Mask” button. Bring up your black brush and paint over people to make them disappear. Finally, use the clone stamp tool to fix any remaining shadows.



These are just a few techniques that you can use to give your photographs more depth. Professional photographers will separate an image into 30 layers or more to create the flawless ads that we see in magazines. For everyone else, photo editing should be about experimentation. Try to use every function to create the effects that you want.

When you use a Photo Editing, you will understand how versatile and easy to use it is.

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