Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is very much important for all E-commerce businesses and online companies. Shadow creation can change the quality of an image. At present, the the demand of shadow creation service is increasing and we are beside you with the best services at a reasonable price.

Giving 3D look

Shadow creation gives the product or objects a 3D look which is very attractive than an ordinary photo. Our experts are highly experienced to perform this task.

What is Shadow Creation?

Shadow creation basically uses to add a shadow on particular spots of a photo or on a selected object, which professional editors want to give more highlights and more reality in the photo. Sometimes shadow creation is applied on a photo to give it a 3D shape and stunning look

Why Shadow Creation Service is Important

Shadow creation is a visual effect to make any photo more attractive. Let’s see why Shadow creation service is important

Realistic look

Most of the online-based company use shadow creation effect in the marketing of their products. Shadow creation mainly makes a photo more realistic, for that it attracts the customer and viewers much.

Letting people understand the real shape

By adding the shadow on any product using the shadow creation effect, the viewers and customer can understand the product overview easy and get connected to its real shape and condition. Our company will let your customer understand the real look of the photo.

How to do shadow creation in Photoshop

Our editors give great effort to do shadow creation.

Let’s see how our expert editors do shadow creation using Photoshop.


At first, they open Photoshop in their pc or laptop. Then they start the main steps


Step 1: They select the particular photo which they want to do shadow creation and take that on Photoshop.


Step 2: Once they have the object on its own layer they make a copy of it.

Step 3: They select the copy layer and open transform tool. Then they press the top of the object and drag it down to an angle where the shadow should locate, then press enter or return


Step 4: They lock the transparent pixels, then open gradient tool and select the black to white radiant. Select the bottom of the object and drag a line across the shadow area, then unlock the transparent pixels and change the plain mode to multiple


Step 5: Now they start working on the shadow blurring. Before that blur effect, they make sure that the object shadow’s base and the main object’s base are on the same position


Step 6: Finally they end up the editing by blurring the shadow and give the whole object a real and 3D look.

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